Kiosks of video-connection

Remote customer service

What it is?

Interactive kiosk with rich customer service options, including video chat with remote specialists.

  • Digital screen attracts traffic with bright broadcasts
  • By touching the screen, buyers receive offers
  • Video chat provides the effect of live communication, and directional sound ensures the comfort of the client

  • Individual equipment with peripherals (scanner, printing, etc.) allows you to replace an employee at a service point

Main features for the client
  • Reduced waiting time for service
  • Safely receive the services, information, pass you are interested in

  • Routing - Connection with a specialized consultant

  • Automated identification procedure for access to documents, territory, etc.

  • Scan and submit the required documents

  • Print a certificate/receipt or account statement

Key Opportunities for the Organization
Benefits for your business
  • Increasing the ability to serve more customers with remote professionals
  • Attracting traffic by advertising broadcasts in the standby mode

  • Automatic secure identification of clients and their ID-s

  • Replacing an employee with kiosk at communication point

  • Control of services

  • Data analysis to improve business performance

Exhibition halls and museums
Public services
Shopping centers
Transport hubs - Lounges/Receptions
Pop-UP Stores
Modern technologies for customer service points.
Reducing the cost of renting space and staff salaries.
Reducing queues and waiting times for service.
Directing requests to the most qualified specialists.
Why Video Kiosk?
When tapping the button, you are giving permission to produce your data and agree with the confidential policy.
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